Direct-Care Nursing

 A Letter to Professional Nurses

Dear Colleagues, 

Welcome!  If you reached this site, you are undoubtedly an impassioned nurse leader.  This passion inspires you to seek like-minded professionals who believe in the social necessity of nursing and value every aspect of nursing practice. 

It has not been easy for direct-care nurses.   Endless change, regulation, heightened expectations, and shrinking resources can cause role confusion, conflict, and overload.  But, we can make it better!  

 Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.  His insight has incredible significance for nursing. Beginning with Florence Nightingale, nurse theorists made great attempts to define nursing – what it is and what it is not.  These great thinkers wrote exquisite theories, conceptual frameworks, and models describing their vision of this great profession. Yet, despite these great works, nursing has and continues to be molded by cultural change, political ideology, economics, and social priorities.  Boxer argued nursing is devalued by an “inability to define what skills are in fact unique to nursing and of value to society”.  Fawcett went even further warning failure to maintain a strict discipline-specific knowledge base is the “death of nursing”.  

FLOWERS® is an acronym of seven concepts essential to nurse-led excellence.  It is defined in pages that follow.
What you do as a direct-care nurse is exceptional, remarkable, and irreplaceable.  You bring FLOWERS® to the bedside of every patient in need of care. 
I invite you to explore this website further.  Please CONTACT ME with any questions or requests.  

And remember:   Nothing is perfect until the FLOWERS® arrive!  

Thank You for all you do every day, every shift, every patient.